8 Facebook Engagement Stats Every Marketer Needs To Know

Does publishing Facebook posts through a third party tool affect your reach and engagement? What types of Facebook posts get the most interactions? What is the best time of day to publish Facebook business posts? Which day of the week is best for publishing posts? These are all questions I hear regularly from businesses using Facebook.

Good news! Our friends at content discovery tool, BuzzSumo, analyzed 500 million Facebook posts to discover what types of posts create the most likes, comments and shares. The results may surprise you!

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8 Eye-Opening Facebook Engagement Stats

  1. Posts published from 10 – 11 PM EST get 88% more interactions than the average Facebook post. *
  2. Image posts get 179% more interactions than the average Facebook post.
  3. Posts ending with a question get 162% more interactions than the average post.
  4. Videos are the most shared post type, with 89.5 average Facebook shares. **
  5. Posts published on Sunday get 52.9% more interactions than the average Facebook post.
  6. Excluding images, posts with 150-200 characters performed the best, averaging 238.75 shares.
  7. Posting with a 3rd party tool results in 89.5% less engagement than directly posting to Facebook.
  8. Posts that link to long form content (2000+ words) receive 40% more interactions than linking to short form content.

* Interactions = likes + shares + comments
** BuzzSumo counted only shares, not likes + comments.

Use these facts and stats to adjust your Facebook content publishing strategy and you may start to see an increase in engagement. Remember, each Page and audience is different – experiment to find your own sweet spot.

mari smith buzzsumo 8 facebook stats infographic

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UPDATE – 1.21.16

First, please do watch this video:


Does Posting to Facebook Using a Third Party App Lower Reach &…Does Posting on Facebook via 3rd Party Tools Lower Your Reach?! BuzzSumo analyzed 500 Million Facebook Posts and discovered that publishing through 3rd party tools *may* lower engagement and, as such, possibly reach, too. See this blog post with infographic: http://www.marismith.com/8-facebook-engagement-stats-every-marketer-needs-to-know/ and this post as well: https://blog.bufferapp.com/facebook-data-study-insightsHowever, Buffer also conducted their own analysis of 500 Million Facebook posts and show that 3rd party posts are not ‘penalized’ in any way on Facebook. See: https://blog.bufferapp.com/3rd-party-facebookSee also this conversation thread on Buffer cofounder, Leo Widrich’s profile: https://www.facebook.com/leonhardwidrich/posts/1152218541457892 Your thoughts?! #FacebookApps #SocialMedia #ContentScheduling #ThirdPartyApps

Posted by Mari Smith on Thursday, January 21, 2016

To explain further, Buffer App conducted its own research of 500 million Facebook posts and “debunked the age old social media myth that posting via third party tools get penalized by Facebook.” As a result of that blog post on Buffer + this comment thread on Leo Widrich’s (Buffer App cofounder) Facebook profile, along with ensuing discussion between Joshua Parker (Post Planner cofounder) and Steve Rayson (Director at BuzzSumo) and myself, I wanted to clear up any misunderstanding about this topic of using third party tools.

Personally, I’m a big fan of third party tools. I use HootSuite every day for scheduling my posts on Twitter and LinkedIn. My own personal preference is to publish natively (directly) on Facebook. However, it’s really important that Facebook Page Admins conduct their own experiments to see what works for you. There is no prescriptive, one-size-fits all approach here.

BuzzSumo’s analysis of 500M Facebook posts did not reveal that posts via third party apps get ‘penalized.’  The data does not mean that using a tool actually lessens engagement of itself. Rather, some possible reasons for lower engagement when posting via third party apps include:

  • people creating less engaging content when using a tool
  • cross-posting content from other platforms such as Twitter, rather than crafting a post specific to the platform which will perform better
  • not optimizing images for Facebook
  • scheduling content for later, which simply gets posted after a story has already gone viral or is no longer as relevant
  • no one wanting to engage with a post that looks automated, which could explain why tools like IFTTT performed particularly badly in terms of engagement

See Buffer’s post for more on this topic, as well:

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  • Will Irish

    7 more reasons that I think Mari is tops when it comes to Facebook Marketing. Great discovery and partnership data with BuzzSumo!

    You are magic, Mari! Thanks for sharing !!

  • Thank kindly @willirish:disqus!!!

  • Thank kindly @willirish:disqus!!!

  • Great content @MariSmith:disqus!!! You are awesome!!! It would be huge if you come to Brazil some day! I´ll be on the first row!

    Love your posts.

  • Mari, interesting stats, especially point 7. This is completely at odds with Social Bakers saying in June 2015 that “your Facebook reach is not affected by third-party apps, for both paid and organic brand posts”,
    Do you have any further thoughts on this?


  • Hey Mari,

    This is my first time on your blog and I really like the value here. I took a break from using facebook for a while, and now I’m getting back into it. I really like the infographic because it gives me some type of direction to go when it comes to facebook.

    Thanks for sharing Mari! Have a great upcoming weekend!

  • I also used Buzzsumo to check which topic has more buzz that are in line with my industry. So, it’s great that you’ve mentioned that in your post. #2 about image posts — thumbs up on that. Visuals play a key role for better engagement because people are guided (mostly) on what they see first. 😉

  • Really this is a wonderfully examine each terms. What great explanation ? I like all that Facebook Engagement Stats.

  • Facebook range is not influenced by outsider applications, for both paid and natural brand posts

  • Your infographic is really great! Thanks. These Facebook stats are curiously interesting. Especially #7… so third party apps cause a big 89.5% drop in engagement. Well, they do save time, must check on this one. Thanks. http://www.stepintosimplicity.com

  • DanieC

    This was a great post, very informative with the stats. I really enjoyed reading it and I can defintlety see myself referring to this for future posting.

  • Karen Lefkowitz

    Terrific tips presented in a very clear fashion. I don’t want to focus on garnering X amount of “likes” – I’m more concerned with deepening the engagement with my audience, sharing information, and changing behavior. Since I also want my FB content to differ from what I post on Twitter your suggestions are very helpful in terms of what strategies and tactics work best on this particular platform. Thanks!

  • Cathy Smith

    it’s great that you’ve mentioned that in your post. #2 about image posts Seahawks Beanie

  • Angela Drt

    Great article ! I really like how you bullet pointed everything, it’s very easy to get even if I’m not that familiar with Facebook ! It’s crazy how videos are becoming more and more viral on Facebook and other platform, people just want shorter content and something that can gather them ( cute, knowledge etc…) any ways thanks for sharing !

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  • It’s interesting that posting with a 3rd party tool results in 89.5% less engagement than directly posting to Facebook. Why do you think this is? Could it be that FB doesn’t show these posts to as many people or that we take more care when we publish manually?

  • Hey @mar@MariSmith:disqus great post, but I do want to point out that not all apps have an 89.5% lower engagement score vs posting natively. Post Planner had a score of 921.8 average engagement while posting directly had a score of 216.7666, so Post Planner caused users to have nearly 5 times the engagement over posting directly on Facebook. It seems the 89% stated in the graphic is simply an averaging of a few stats that aren’t an overall view of the actual stats that BuzzSumo and Buffer reported here: https://blog.bufferapp.com/facebook-data-study-insights

    Posting with apps is still very good, and Facebook does not diminish the Reach of posts by any app. This should be made very clear.

  • That 89% stat is not accurate and isn’t being used correctly IMHO.

  • This stat is not accurately portraying the results from the study.

  • Sue.. This stat is not true in reality. It’s a very poorly summarized stat from the study Buzzsumo and Buffer did. Apps do not get a diminished reach by Facebook.

  • Scott whilst i dont disagree empirically that there is no degradation of engagement of virility using third party apps (and of course i like you are biased in this argument ) i also don’t fully understand the results of the buffer survey. You are implying a bias to post planner that is unlikely compaered to any other tool.

    Can you pls share the maths that you mentioned based on the buzz sumo study as none of these numbers make sense to me

  • Chris I’m simply sharing the numbers from the Buffer post they did with BuzzSumo. chrome-extension://klbibkeccnjlkjkiokjodocebajanakg/suspended.html#uri=https://blog.bufferapp.com/facebook-data-study-insights

  • John Stones

    Awesome blog posted.

    Social Media Marketing Services

  • @MariSmith:disqus I think it’s time for this post and infographic to be removed or amended. The claims being made here about 3rd party app posts are not supported by any data — and definitely not by the 500 million post Buzzsumo/Buffer data set you reference here.

    Please read this new post from the Buffer blog and consider removing the inaccurate claims in your post/infographic above:

    And if you disagree, please present the data set and analysis that led you to this “89.5% less engagement” claim. Thanks!

  • Nikolai

    Correlation does not equal causation. This stat just probably shows that there are a lot of app posts that get less engagement, which is reasonable: if you post 250 pieces of content a day, each of your posts will naturally receive less reach and engagement than more quality, “pillar posts” which are posted manually… and less frequently. thats my theory anyway

  • Janet Rebecca

    This blog has inspired me to start my own
    blog. I loved the way you described your experiences throughout.

  • I think it all comes down to how you use them, and whether you ask for engagement, etc. Thanks for sharing this info.

  • Great point, Alecia! Thanks for tuning in!!

  • soumya panda
  • Joseph Alexander

    This stat just probably shows that there are a lot of app posts that get less engagement, which is reasonable.Snapback Caps

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  • Neelam Kapooor
  • Neelam Kapooor
  • Great Article too good , love to see these types of articles

  • This is really awesome information to know for those who want to improve their engagement level in Facebook. Btw, nice infographic 🙂

  • BBR Music Group

    Mari – how about posts that include external link vs. those that don’t. Did/can Buzzsumo analyze that?

  • Verena Ho

    Nice read! Mari, thanks for posting this. Yes, images posts definitely gets me more engagement vs videos. I wasn’t convinced till tested them over and over on several of my fan pages. Looks like people are actually “scanning” their news feed and impatient to watch videos. So, gotta post less vids 😉

  • time
  • 89.5% results in less engagement when you post with 3rd party tool then directly on Fb…? Wow…That’s interesting, I had no idea it was such a big number…

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